Jesse Maddex

Jesse Maddex

Head Coach, Founder & Owner





About Coach

Jesse is a lifelong athlete and trained social worker with a passion for health and fitness training - for performance improvement, general physical and mental health, and injury prevention & recovery. He has a passion for helping clients discover their inner athlete, live life uninhibited, and find their flow in whatever arena they desire.

Turning Point

Jesse participated in multiple sports growing up including baseball, football, track, and soccer ultimately turning his focus to alpine ski racing to pursue his dream of becoming a professional ski racer and competing in the Olympics. He has endured 11 knee surgeries due to sports injuries so is deeply familiar with the the ups and downs (both physical and mental) of injury recovery having returned to full functionality and high-level athletics time and time again. These experiences led Jesse to pursue a career in health & fitness coaching.

Motivation & Passion

A guiding value in Jesse's life and throughout his career has been a desire to make a positive impact on the world around him. As much as he has been driven to achieve his own athletic or professional goals, he now derives as much if not more satisfaction from supporting others in pursuit of their goals. This is the driving motivation behind the founding of Flow State Performance Training.